Our Address
Headquarters & Manufacturing Plant
22, Jalan Sementa 27/91,
Seksyen 27, 40000 Shah Alam,
Selangor, Malaysia.

Tel: +603-5191 6188 / +603-5191 6170 /
+603-5191 6191
Fax: +603-5192 4212 / +603-5191 6169
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Manufacturing Plant
Simeko manufacturing plant is equipped with sophisticated machineries and equipments. The dispersing machines are designed to operate at the optimum performance, all process are properly controlled to achieve best color development.

Our large team of skilled and experienced personnel ensures that our production adheres to high standards, while ensuring our end users remain competitive in the market. The designs of mixing propeller, cooling system, and tank ensure the fully mixed and
well-dispersion of ink colours. The design and manufacturing techniques have resulted in products that are superior in quality.

Research & Development
Research and Innovation has been the driving force behind Simeko Ink’s sustained growth. Our R & D team in Hsin Mei Kuang (HMK) Taipei continues to invest substantially in the cultivating of the technical manpower, introduction of new technology and adoption of sophisticated machinery and equipment. This department now boasts an atomic absorption spectrophotometer, a gas chromatograph, an infrared spectrophotometer, a high performance liquid
chromatograph, an ultraviolet curing machine, and an electromechanical material testing instrument, a gel permeation chromatography and a thermogravimetic analyzer.

To ensure that our product development meets the needs of word markets, HMK and Simeko Ink committed to its philosophy, that the research personnel must serve oversea from time to time to observe market changes. Research personnel are also required to engage in production works for practical knowledge, which ultimately further strengthen our product research facilitation.